Lucienne - The Illustrator
This is the first book in a series about a little koala named Mist that loses her home. She and her friends set out on an adventure to find another place to live and quickly learn about the dangers posed by co-existing with humans. It is a heartening tale of strength, friendship and understanding. The readers will find out about nature and find clues on how to live more sustainably within it. The story is written by Becca Boucher who is from Massachusetts, USA, - a koala fanatic. She fell in love with koalas from early childhood and always dreamed of writing a children’s book about a koala.
The illustrations are done in watercolours and depict actual animals from Koala Gardens, Tuckurimba, NSW, Australia.
You can get involved with The Adventures of Mist website to learn more about the real situation of climate change, the environment, and the importance of healthy ecosystems. There are interactive activities there, and a Parent/Teacher guide to make the most of the concepts presented through the stories.
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