Adventures of Mist Book 4 is out now!!!

Fun, Creative, Young at Heart.

A lot happened before I had children. I played lots of sport, I studied Industrial Design and I worked and saved and saved and worked to fund my extensive travel habit. An incumbent child prevented me from playing competitive sport so I learnt water colour painting – the safe option.

Being a mother and directional assistant to two children was very rewarding and fulfilling, however when my youngest headed off to school, it was time for me to return to school too.

A lot happened after children. I completed a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing and published my first children’s factional book. I won a Publishing Award and Possum Tale, my first Children’s Picture book came to fruition. What a gratifying experience to have both my words and illustrations in print. My studies continued and I completed a Diploma of Visual Arts where different art mediums and practices extended my knowledge profoundly. I have a deep concern for our natural environment and the impact we as humans have on it. I thank my wonderful parents, who raised me to think sustainably, waste little and make the most of what I have. I am inspired to share my experiences with youngsters, whether it is in the art form, children’s books and writing, or understanding nature and being a part of it.


The books I have written are all from true stories. Bushland Blazing, a junior factional book, was about a young boy striving to help save the family home in the 2003 bush fires in Victoria, Australia. Possum Tale evolved from my daughter’s love of animals and nature (and funnily enough, she is now a zoologist). Mordrid – Tale of a Tawny Frogmouth is a beautiful story of survival and compassion. The bird is hit by a car and loses her sight but still lives a life of 23 amazing and inspiring years.


I paint with watercolours and use pen & ink. I dabble in other mediums just for a change and challenge. I became an illustrator by accident. No-one wanted to illustrate my first children’s picture book so I had to do it myself. What a learning curve that was – such a terrific experience and a great start to my involvement in picture books. Nature stories are my focus.


I take great delight in transforming junky stuff into lovely expressive mosaics and sculptural creations. Up-cycling and recycling is my thing. Why buy something new when I can re-use, rejuvenate and re-vitalise the old?