Projects and Workshops

Lucienne’s children’s picture book Possum Tale is based on a true story that happened at her
house. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are ready right there in your own backyard. When she
visits schools, pre-schools, libraries or community groups, Lucienne shares the story behind her
book, how it was rejected, how it developed and how it was polished and eventually published.

Lucienne brings some of the original paintings too, so art and illustration in a book can be seen,
explained and appreciated. It’s fun to hear a youngster ask, “But how did you get that big painting
into the book?”. There is a little secret she shares about painting possums too.

Lucienne has also conducted school art projects with a view to enhancing the educative
environment and had some wonderful results, not just in the art produced but with the kids’
creativity and development.

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